Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mysterious Unsolved Struggles

One week ago today, our History of Christian Life and Thought II class at Seabury went on a field trip with Paula Barker to Northwestern Library's Special Collections room. After viewing illuminated manuscripts and other gems, we filed out through a workroom, where my eye gravitated to a single grey box labelled "Unsolved Struggles." I was so taken with what these struggles might be (how old? how rare?) that I stood motionless, and pointed out the mysterious box to Laurel. I wondered about the unnamed struggles for days, and I continue to wonder why we notice the things that we do, while others miss them entirely.

Since then, summer has come; it was 94 degrees in Davenport today. Having arrived home on Saturday, I note some thoughts thus far:

*Sentences beginning with "Mom..." are sweeter music than ever.
*A tall botanist with a reddish mustache is sleeping in my bed. Cool.
*I am descant deprived. No one at home sings like Susie, Beth, Jane and Judith.
*I had a nightmare that another 15-pp. paper was due for Pastoral Care yesterday -- and I didn't do it!
*I can't make a simple decision: take summer Greek or not? It might rule out a summer trip.
*Cooking again is great when there's an herb garden outside the back door.
*I think constantly of my classmates who have begun CPE. I hope it's as rewarding for them as it was for me in 2003.
*My dog is a steady companion, and listens without complaint to my sermon ideas for later this month.
*I need to be as patient with computer problems as Noah is. Actually, I wouldn't mind being as patient as Noah in all other ways, as well.
*I miss chapel! Maybe it's warmed up in there by now.

Sweet dreams to all.


Blogger PlantMan52 said...

What a great first blog! I'm almost tempted to be a blogger, myself. Sweet dreams to you, too.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Jane Ellen+ said...

Welcome to the blogiverse, Raisin! Glad to have you come play!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Dawgdays said...


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