Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another Night, Another Bed

Tuesday night: I slept in my bed on the block after music class and nightcaps with friends Ian and Laurel. The next morning, I awakened at 6 and drove back to Davenport in time to surprise Noah by showing up at his organ recital, part of an artists' series at the awesome Cathedral where he was baptized. The expression on his face when he saw me was worth the whole trip! "It wouldn't have felt right to play the recital without you," he said. Those words alone convince me that I chose wisely when I decided to go. I hadn't planned to travel back to Iowa for this performance, but two of my three classes were cancelled, a history paper was postponed, and I hit the road.

The recital was amazing! There were more people in attendance than they've had so far (about 90, according to the Dean). Favorite moment: seeing Noah shaking hands with his first grade teacher!

Wednesday night: After Plantman and I treated Noah and Sarah to dinner at Exotic Thai, I slept in my own bed in Iowa. Got up at 6 and headed to Evanston in time for a noon meeting.

Thursday night: I'm in Highland Park, housesitting for a friend who used to attend my home parish. She's travelled all over the world, and her house is an exotic art gallery. This is a retreat space -- quiet, beautiful, not smoky (yay!) and far enough from the block to feel as though I'm somewhere special. I'm here through Sunday.

I thank God for the amazing day we had yesterday at the church I left in 1996 when women were not welcome to take on liturgical roles. Yesterday, a very conservative, "powerhouse" woman who doesn't approve of women priests affirmed my call to ordained ministry! What a gift! What a gift it is, too, to have a child whose talent is so far beyond our own, and to see that he owns it so humbly.

Today I pray all day long for my longtime friends, Jim and Katherine, who have been on Seabury's prayer list. Jim had cancer surgery today. Please join with me in praying for his health, for strength and courage, and for peace of mind for them both.


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