Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Last night at Evensong, our Officiant chanted, "Give us that PEACH which the world cannot give," and I admit that my cantor partner and I had a fit of the giggles.

This is even funnier because on Saturday, my dear friends from home came to visit. They took me to a movie and to dinner at Gio, where I attempted to order my tilapia dish in Italian. My friend, fluent in Italian, gently told me that I had ordered not "Fish in Crazy Water" (Pesce Aqua Pazza), but "Peach in Crazy Water."


Blogger Northland Al said...

Oh mio,

My greatest worry was that my choirs would not have good ending consonants, and thus sing with great gusto:

"Let there be pee on earth"

Have you been watching James and the Giant Peach?

At least at dinner you did not have to say, "Cameriere, c'รจ un'orrenda creatura nel mio brodo."

Okay, if you must know, "Waiter, there's a gruesome creature in my soup."

3:25 PM  

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