Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Smart Start

Yesterday, a fun fellow seminarian called me a new name: Nature's Candy. No, I hadn't heard that before. Maybe it comes from a TV ad? In any case, while watching the news last night, I saw an ad for Kellogg's Smart Start cereal; the opening line shown on the screen was:

Do raisins have brains?

This was great timing for a laugh, as I was pretty sure I didn't have a brain in my skull. My test scores on recent exams disappointed me, and I am struggling hard to accept myself despite them. Another two seminarians and I have chosen not to discuss number scores with anyone, as that feels as though it leads to unhealthy comparisons, so I won't reveal them if asked -- but the raisin jokes seem like a timely message coming from...somewhere.....

not to mention being referred to as Dried Fruit on another blog! Thanks for the humor -- keep it coming.



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