Saturday, June 05, 2010

The water of baptism

We just had a baptism rehearsal with one of our newer families. I'll baptize their 2-yr.-old tomorrow using a bilingual liturgy, praying more of the service in Spanish than usual. (We offer a Spanish/English service once a month.)

I knew that the baptismal candidate does not like water on his head (!), so when he stood on the step stool in front of the font, I invited him to touch the water, and then to put water on my head first. It worked! He was happy as could be as we rehearsed tomorrow's liturgical actions (until we got to the Chrism, and the Squirm Factor went way off the charts...I'll have to think of something for that!). This will be our first baptism done in Spanish, and I'm ready.
Demos gracias a Dios. Aleluya, aleluya!


Blogger Publish and Parish said...

Absolutely delightful!

2:16 PM  
Blogger Trees of the Field said...

Perhaps someday you will baptize a child who will speak Spanish. Wouldn't that be fun? "No agua! No agua!"

2:00 PM  

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