Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sale Pending

Gentle Readers,
We're in the midst of much change in our household.  In late September, my dear spouse begins his new call as Dean of the cathedral in Davenport, where once we were members, and where our son N was baptized and confirmed.  A week later, my rector, mentor, and colleague M retires in Iowa City, and we say goodbye to him after ten years of service.  J and I have accepted an offer on our current house, and have sealed the deal on a new house in Davenport -- which really is returning home for us.
We're starting to pack.  We'll be living once again in the city where we spent nearly 30 years.

This feels like too much change all at once, but at least I turned down the offer of serving as Interim Rector, and so will remain in the position I've held the past 5 years.  That decision is complicated, but mostly has to do with living too far away, something not under my control.  My commute will be the same totally annoying hour each way, but from a different direction than it has been these past 3 years.

With all this change, it seems like the right time to think about a new blog.  I've been bored with how my blog looks, and I've written seldom this past year.  But I'd love to know if others have liked working with other sorts of blogs -- how is WordPress?  Anyone using it?  Should I consider other possibilities?  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooray! That sounds like a perfect position for John! Seems like there are a lot of neat things going on in Davenport. Congratulations on your sale, your new home, and new adventures.

I love WordPress. Give it a try! I've been mulling this list over - I pass it along as food for thought. (I'm far from doing all it suggests!).

5:21 AM  
Blogger Heidi said...

Oops! That was from me. :)

5:23 AM  

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