Friday, July 15, 2005


Today, with Suzanne's gift of a round-trip ticket, I'm leaving on a jet plane (sorry, Peter, Paul & Mary) to visit Suzanne and Elliott in Arkansas. I'm a bit anxious, because I haven't boarded a plane in nearly five years. It's not the flying I'm worried about, but the claustrophobia.

Suzanne and I will turn some of the time into a homiletics workshop, as we're each preaching at our home churches on July 24. Speaking of preaching, I just read Gary Hall's sermon from the July 2 ordinations in Michigan, posted yesterday on the Seabury website. Gary's words lifted me out of my slump. I'm recharged and ready to experience a new part of the country this weekend, as well as the people I'm placed with on the journey. I'll return to blogging on Tuesday night.

And while in Fayetteville, should I encounter any ice cream shops, I'll be sure to take notes and pass them along to Beth!


Blogger Susie said...

have fun! I love preaching workshops. And thanks for the tip about the ordination sermon, I didn't know it was up :)

9:29 AM  
Blogger The Archer of the Forest said...

Ah, Arkansas...the only state to ever summon a state convention in order to determine and pass legislation on how to pronounce the name of the state correctly.

5:08 AM  

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