Monday, November 21, 2005

Sheep, Goats, and Turkeys

After preaching class on Friday (during which we heard about sheep and goats), I drove home to Davenport and arrived before dark to the welcome embrace of one tired botanist and one very excited standard poodle.

The next day, I had lunch with a dear friend and then went with the tired botanist to his Field Education site in Cedar Rapids, where he preached on...sheep and goats! His 25 years of teaching help make him totally at ease as a preacher, and I marvel at his giftedness. Such grace!

The next morning, I went to our home parish and heard my rector preach on...sheep and goats!

In spite of all the sheep and goats, I'm thinking about turkeys. I fell mightily off the veggie wagon and had a turkey sandwich today. Alas! I've lost my purity. And I suspect I'll repeat this undesirable behavior on Thanksgiving Day. Sorry to let you down, Spud and other veggie friends.


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