Friday, May 12, 2006

Sheep and Bison and Camels, Oh My

Sheep: Given that even our private phone calls are not really private any longer, I've decided not to post my sheep sermon to this blog. But, if anyone wants to see it, just let me know, and I'll send it to you, um, privately...

Bison: Yesterday, we visited a new kennel in Blue Grass, Iowa called Bison Ridge. We're looking for a place for Maggie when we go to General Convention. Bison Ridge is right off a major highway, and sure enough, there are a goodly number of bison on the premises. But, why on earth do they also have...

Camels: Yes, Camels! What does one do with camels, out in the middle of nowhere, Iowa, in May? Don't ask me: I grew up in the city! Some people even think I can't tell pidgeons from penguins.

The kennel also features country music blasting from the speakers. It wasn't quality stuff like Johny Cash (that's for you, Archer), but the whiny, twangy sort that made me really nervous. Our dog is accustomed to Bach and Monteverdi and listens to Compline at bedtime each night. Maybe we'll have to invest in doggie therapy after we return.

Guide us waking, and guard us sleeping...


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