Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sing it, Bonnie

Last night, Bonnie Koloc performed a stunning ninety-minute concert at The Redstone Room in downtown Davenport, and my serious inclination towards folk music from thirty years ago felt close at hand. Seeing Bonnie again, it seemed like yesterday that I wore long skirts, had hair halfway down my back, and carried around two guitars just about anywhere I went.

Bonnie now is in her sixties, but sings like she'll never lose that golden voice. I hope that I can keep singing for a while, too. Hearing Bonnie made us feel light and happy. I was delighted to get to talk with her after the show, having first gone to her concerts in the seventies at Amazingrace coffee house in Evanston with my best friend, a Northwestern undergrad at the time. How curious that I've now landed in Evanston again!


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