Saturday, November 25, 2006

State Street Madness

We took the El down to Monroe Street yesterday, stood in front of the Art Institute's newly-wreathed lions, took Noah to Symphony Center, and hunted for a place for lunch. There, in front of us, were the lights of The Berghoff restaurant, which I was sure had closed its doors.

Though I'd last been to The Berghoff more than thirty years ago, not much looked different -- except perhaps the delicious, festive pumpkin ravioli on their menu. What a treat! We were seated right away, but within the hour, the line wound around the entrance.

We actually stepped into Macy's (having missed the Marshall Field's protesters) and got into the crush of people later reported in today's newspaper. The best part for me was hearing so many languages at once. I even closed my eyes to hear better.

Parents: here and gone within 3 hours, but had a great time.
Child: here for 3 nights. Miss him already!
Turkey: carved and eaten for 3 meals.
Pies: 2 slices remain.
Gerber daisies: Very droopy.
Seminarians: Same as the daisies.


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