Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coconut Pi(e)

When we left Cleveland this morning at 6:30 (after getting into our motel at 1:30 after a midnight organ concert), snow was sticking to cars, grass, and sidewalks for the third day in a row! I said goodbye to Mr. Finney's chapel in the snow. We arrived safely back in Chicago, picked up our dog, and learned that in our absence I was given yet another new name. Apparently, in a moment of forgetfulness, Maggie's caretaker referred to me as "Coconut." I like it. Really.

Noah's senior recital fell on 3.14, or National Pi Day. We anticipated Marchand, Bach, Saint-Saens and Vierne, but didn't know about N's own composition: Improvisation on Pi. This was a study of the scale degrees of pi, translating numbers to musical pitches. Afterwards, the reception included four enormous pies, including coconut cream. Or is it coconut creme? Too tired to know, and too tired to look it up. But we're back, and tonight we're happy to sleep in our own bed.


Blogger Heidi said...

Coconut! I love it. Your hair has always reminded me a bit of toasted coconut. Yum. (I hope that's not offensive or anything?)

3:07 PM  

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