Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Behind an able man, there are always.

The above title shows you the exact wording of the funny fortune inside John's cookie tonight. This beats my all-time favorite, which read, "Alas! The onion you are eating is someone else's water lily."

I returned through more sleet and snow from a two-day retreat with other priests in the diocese to find that John fell on the ice while walking the dog yesterday, and now has a sprained ankle.

On my way back from the retreat, I stopped in Iowa City for a luncheon at the home of the new president of the University of Iowa. She hosted twelve of us from the Association of Campus Ministers. Her chef prepared some lovely dishes and the conversation was exceptional.

After I unpacked, it was time to head to our home parish to accompany the Taize Eucharist for Advent. So afterwards, we decided that some Chinese takeout sounded good. But we're not so sure about that "able man." There are always...slippery sidewalks?

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Blogger Jack Dixon said...


I realize than your blog post is five years old, but I just had lunch today at a Chinese restaurant in Rockford, IL, and got the same cryptic message from my fortune cookie! Is it merely a truncated version of "behind an able man, are always able men"? (i.e., a good role model attracts good followers). Or does it mean that an able man's uniform response is "always" (as opposed to "never")? It is uncanny that the hospital that I work for recently adopted a "culture of always", as in always there for patients, always at work, etc.

Peace be with you!


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