Sunday, November 04, 2007

Want to draw crowds to your exhibit?

The secret is a large stash of chocolate! We're just back from Diocesan Convention in Des Moines. It was great to reconnect with Seabury friends Elizabeth and Meg, and hang out at the seminary's booth in the exhibit hall when I wasn't stationed at my own exhibit -- which drew many people because I offered a mountain of chocolate.

While this convention was not charged with anything as major as electing a new bishop (as will be the case in Chicago next weekend), we did elect 4 new clergy and 4 new lay deputies to General Convention 2009. I was elected, and am pleased to be a deputy for the third time. But I also was surprised, as this was my first time running as a clergy person and the slots are coveted. I'm honored to be headed to Anaheim in July 2009.

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Blogger Emily Williams said...

Congratulations, Raisin!

6:46 PM  

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