Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We got a call at 6 a.m. that our flight to Hartford was cancelled -- as are other flights out of the area today, due to the ice draped over the midwest. The tree branches look beautiful in a way, but our disappointment is great. I sure wanted to see my kid's face today and be present in the recital hall tomorrow noon. The good part of knowing ahead of time, at least, is not spending the whole day in the airport, hoping.

If it isn't still snowing in April, we'll see Woolsey Hall, meet the famous Martin Jean, as well as the fine people at St. Thomas's Church. This weather is just plain sucky. I hope that my blogger friends are careful out there in the wintry mix that's soon headed east.


Blogger The Archer of the Forest said...

I understand. I had a particularly horrid time chiseling my car out of the ice.

11:50 AM  

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