Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It may be obvious from the silence here since my last post, but I'm just swamped, a bit overwhelmed by how much I've taken on outside the parish with provincial duties and assignments related to General Convention. And of course it's Lent, with more going on at church than ever. But the day got a shot of new energy, thanks to a thirteen-year-old.

My young friend came to my office to discuss a Global Studies project he'd like to do. He proposed that he and a friend put in ten hours volunteering at the Agape Cafe (a mission of the Episcopal Chaplaincy), raising funds for its continuing operation, writing an article about it, promoting awareness at school of hunger issues and homelessness, talking to legislators, and making a video.

I'll be ready for them when they come to the Cafe, and I hope that they get back at least as much as I imagine they're going to give. Thank God for them!


Blogger Castanea_d said...

I've been pretty overwhelmed, too; I haven't peeked into your blog for weeks.

Hooray for thirteen-year-olds!

And, more generally, for young folk in the church. I have heard two statements at various times with which I disagree. "They are the future of the church." No, they aren't. But neither is it true that "They ARE the church."

They, alone, are not the church, no more than we old fogeys are. They, alone, are not the future of the church. They and we together, along with the infants in arms and the "extended" congregation in the nursing homes and care centers, praying for and with us and witnessing where they are to God's love and grace -- and those who have crossed over to the other shore, too -- all of us are the church.

But without the special crazy courage of thirteen-year-olds, willing to do what is Right even when it is not at all sensible, and finding new and good ways to do it, we would be incomplete.

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