Monday, January 05, 2009

Living under a rock

Well, no, I haven't been. But when I worked at the uppity wine shop before I left for "seminary school" (as they say on House, M.D.), my co-workers regularly asked me why I had no familiarity with television shows/plots/characters. At least two of them asked, "What, have you been living under a rock?"

During Christmas break, my favorite organist brought home a DVD with many episodes of House, and so introduced the series to us. I hadn't seen even one before that, nor did I suspect how much I would enjoy it. It's crazy funny!

Yesterday, after something in my sermon prompted it, another organist encouraged me to watch Joan of Arcadia, which I'd never seen, either. Better still, he loaned me a DVD set right away. J and I watched 2 episodes, and I'm hooked.

It seems as though the organists that make major appearances in my life are doing a great job of connecting me to the perfect way to finally relax, and to stop obsessing about work. know who you are!


Blogger Trees of the Field said...

But at least you watch movies! If you live under a rock, I must live in a deep cave. All I do is read obscure old books and complain when I read a new one.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Obscure old books are the best. The new ones generally don't measure up.

Being a cantankerous old Ent, I tend to be out of touch with popular culture, too. I believe that it is a good thing. The "noise" of people's conversations about the latest movies, books, TV shows, etc. prevents one from thinking and stifles contemplative prayer. It also precludes discussion of anything of value when in social settings. We saw this amply demonstrated at the Rector's luncheon yesterday.

It would be better at such a gathering to eat in silence and listen to spiritual readings, like in the monastaries. Were someone courageous enough to try this, their dinner parties would soon gain a reputation for being quite peculiar.

On the other hand, I enjoyed our exchange about JofA in the kitchen. And, I suppose, that counts as a conversation about an item of popular culture. Mea culpa! Or, perhaps I should say "lighten up, Andrew."

7:06 AM  

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