Monday, September 21, 2009

What do your plates say about you?

Nope, not dinnerware, but license plates. After nearly thirty years with Scott County plates, our new ones reveal that we live in Henry County. I've had a devil of a time finding my car in a parking lot a few times already. Rural Henry County -- us? The two that grew up in Chicago and Philly?

For years, J and I had plates with ERC (Episcopalians are Really Cool, or Episcopalians Read Compline) on them. I gave mine up in '08 after an accident on the interstate and got new plates with TJP (Tidings of Joy and Peace). My former rector's plates read HOA (Host of Angels), while a chronically annoying person had plates that suggested a nice cuss word.

Our new plates have WHB on them. J's is easy: William Horn's Boy. Mine could be Wife of Horn's Boy, but I need something more creative.

What do your plates say about you?


Blogger Savory Spam Crecents said...

Well, How Brilliant are you for coming up with these?!

11:39 AM  

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