Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The field is wide open

I served breakfast today at the Agape cafe to some 90 hungry, cold neighbors here in Iowa City, many still dressed in multiple layers as they placed their orders and waited for a hot breakfast. After the first rush ended, I spent a few minutes with our guests. Occasionally someone will recognize me from church. That happened this morning, even though I wore a big, fluffy Santa hat. "Aren't you that priest from Sunday?" a young man asked today.

"No kidding, she's the priest? Cool," said Keith, who doesn't mind if I use his name. "You know what," he continued, "that's big big job, being in the ministry. You take on a lot. I mean, the field's wide open."

I'm contemplating that field today. Our new home looks out on a grassy (snowy) expanse of field, also wide open. Maybe this house picked us.


Blogger Rainy Rector said...

But remember, even a cow is outstanding in his field! :-D
Wishes for a blessed Christmas and a joyous new year for you, John, and Noah. Peace, Court.

4:16 PM  

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