Monday, October 18, 2010

Please pardon this proud mom moment

Happy feast day of St. Luke!

Normally I reserve this space for poking fun at myself, or relating a story from church life which serves as a reminder that we can take ourselves too seriously. Today I want to share this link from last night's Anglicans Online. The authors went to the Evensong service at the church where our son serves as choirmaster.

Several paragraphs down in the article the authors begin, "Tonight, we attended a service of sung Evening Prayer that was flawless in every respect." Of course I'm delighted to see the recognition, but I'm happier still to hear in that 25-yr.-old choirmaster's voice today such complete joy in his work, such passion for the music and text. That N has found this degree of joy in his work and has such a parish that both receives and shines forth joyous light makes me happier than I can say.


Blogger Trees of the Field said...

As the proud dad, I'm glad you posted this. A week later I've noticed that Anglicans Online moved the post to their "morgue"; the link is now

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