Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slowing down after a broken bone

On Sunday, I fractured a finger after falling in the parsonage. After four days of wearing a confining splint and seeing an orthopedic specialist, I'm wearing a smaller and simpler immobilizer, and he's determined that surgery will not be necessary. I am grateful that I'll be able to use the hand to rehearse and play in an orchestra concert this Sunday. I don't recommend breaking a bone, but the injury has slowed me down, and it's been instructive. I'm paying attention to movements I make, catching myself operating at top speed to save five minutes. There's grace in slowing down. It's been challening to write, to drive a car, to type on a keyboard, to wash a dish, to get dressed. Hopefully I'll be more attentive to the practical needs of others with broken bones, too. (Now if only I could write a blog post with paragraphs! Does anyone out there know how to fix this? I've already tried doubling the usual spacing.)


Blogger Trees of the Field said...

Will using your left hand leave you more right-brained? It would be interesting if your perception changed as well as your dexterity.

I don't seem to have a problem if I leave an extra line between paragraphs. Indents never tabbed for me, so I don't use them.

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