Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

We give thanks that Noah and Sarah arived safely yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. The snow in Cleveland didn't delay them, and they seemed so happy to be with us for the simple feast (no Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving -- having just been to the NR museum, that's not what our "dining room" looked like, especially since we don't have a dining room here on the block).

Later, after a slight delay in which Noah and Sarah locked themselves out of the apartment and I had to call security :) the four of us went to the chapel and sang hymns with our favorite descants. Sarah and Noah took turns at the organ bench and we had a splendid time with all four voice parts represented. Even if it was a frigid 50 degrees in the chapel, we stayed to read through a book of Renaissance pieces as long as our voices held up and the organists could feel their fingers.

Then we ate half of a frosted pumpkin cake! Good thing I made the cake, so I could give some to Brian, who came over after dark to unlock the apartment door. Thanks be to God for security guys that answer their phone on holidays...


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