Monday, December 11, 2006

Seen and Unseen

My eye exam today unexpectedly turned up signs of early-onset glaucoma; we'll know for sure following a high-tech eyeball and optic nerve scan right after Christmas. I experienced this news with some discouragement, as it suggests one more way in which I'm turning into my mother!

After the appointment, I stopped for some peppermint mocha therapy at Starbucks, and thought about how I take my vision for granted. I passed a shop where children can create their own bears. A sign in the shop read: "Anyone can now have happy childhood memories." Further down the string of shops, a sandwich booth advertised "desert crepes" (probably very dry!) and a boutique offered blue jeans that claimed to "make your Christmas complete."

While I didn't wish to see any of these things, I'm grateful that I still see them.


Blogger AKMA said...

Hey, friend, you'll be in our prayers (somewhat more sporadic, without chapel services). Keep us advised of how things go.

8:32 PM  

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