Sunday, April 08, 2007


After rising at 4 a.m. and, with many bleary-eyed friends, ushering in Easter with all the good cheer we could muster, I was grateful that I had finished singing and had not set anything on fire. All was well till I had to take the Paschal Candle out of its stand to process to the baptismal font. Just when I concentrated on walking gracefully in what felt like the middle of the night, a substantial amount of candle wax dripped down from the Paschal Candle and went SPLAT! onto my hair, glued my eyelashes together, and stuck to the bridge of my nose. I walked down the aisle trying not to display any emotion whatsoever....but boy oh boy it was tough!

Tip of the day: fresh candle wax does wash out of hair with very hot water and vigorous combing.

The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia! Happy Easter.


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