Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today I served as deacon at the weekday Eucharist at my Field Ed site for the last time. As usual, a dear elderly couple came in between the psalm and the gospel reading -- they've never been on time once since September. At first I thought they weren't coming, which would have been too bad since they wanted to come say goodbye and have another round of hugs. But when they stood up for the gospel I noticed: they had dressed up! She was wearing pearls and heels, and he sported a suit and tie.

After the lovely staff luncheon, kind words and gifts following the service, what I'll remember with more affection is the way these two people in their eighties showed up today to mark an occasion, a transition.

And so it begins: tomorrow, most of the senior class leaves on our retreat, to start the necessary work of leavetaking -- at least for this part of our journey.

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