Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another sign that God has a sense of humor

God's humor resurfaces anew as I make preparations for our upcoming U2charist, as advertised on posters all over the church and on our website. What's so funny, you ask? I'm to be presider and preacher, and I've never been to a U2charist, even though I've had two fairly recent opportunities. As a cradle classical musician, I've been wary of the sheer noise level at these events, and stayed away primarily for that reason.

The first time I ever heard U2's music was during a class called Gospel Mission, when our dear professor preceded the playing of a U2 song by saying, "Everyone will know this one." And, sigh, there I was raising my hand afterwards, wanting to hide under the desk as I said, "Sorry, none of this music is familiar to me!" But after a while nobody was shocked anymore, and a thoughtful classmate made me a CD of songs with which I might want some familiarity.

So, tomorrow I finalize preparations at the paint-your-own-pottery store, where students will design and paint three sets of goblets (chalices), salad plates (patens) and candle sticks. After we bless and use these at our service (the first ever in Iowa), we'll take them to be used at Diocesan Convention, where an even bigger U2charist is in the works.

Good things about this: I get to preach on Luke (again)! And I'm borrowing beautifully made, brightly colored vestments that came from Africa. I just hope to be at home with the music and the setting, so that I can get out of my own way as I lead God's people toward the vision of a world where we labor to make poverty history.

Until then, though, I could use some prayers.

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Blogger Sarah Dylan Breuer said...

God does have a sense of humor, to be sure! If there's anything from the service -- prayers, playlist, wisdom, of anything else -- you'd like to share with others putting together services, please consider submitting them to the U2charist resources page.

And I hope that your U2charist goes well, and is a powerful experience for all involved!



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