Monday, August 20, 2007

Nailing jello to trees

On my day off today, the rainy weather propelled me to walk laps at the mall. While walking, I noticed that the majority of people I passed spoke (loudly) on cell phones as they walked or made purchases. Why is it okay to think that the entire corridor doesn't mind hearing these conversations?

On my second lap, I noticed a large sign at a jewelry store advertising "the diamond of your dreams" on sale for $5499. Are diamonds really the stuff of dreams?

Finally, a tee shirt shop featured in its window a shirt that read, "Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree." Could anyone be so bored with life that they'd try to nail jello to anything? I know that this shirt was supposed to be funny. But it isn't funny.

I think that going to the mall simply made me crabby. But maybe I don't like reminders about how removed from culture I feel most of the time, especially now, when the university students are about to arrive. I so hope that this won't put me at a disadvantage in relating to them.


Blogger Heidi said...

You'll be great, Raisin. And one thing college kids love to do is critique culture. Bring all that stuff in for discussion, I'd say. Throw in some Bible, and let them run with it. You'll fit right in!

11:20 AM  

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