Monday, March 17, 2008


Palm Sunday went fine, and I had a 10-hr. day instead of the usual Sunday of 12 or 13 hrs. It's only Monday, and I feel exhausted. Last week, I asked a respected colleague how he manages putting in so many hours. He said, "I'm not always at 100%."

I've been mulling over his words. I don't know how to give less than 100%. I can't imagine giving someone (or some work, some liturgy, or even some writing) less. Yet if I don't learn soon how not to use all the energy up so quickly, I fear I'll burn out.

I wonder about the practice of detachment in a place where I love my work (and I do). Can one give 100% and yet be detached, or at least engaged in a way that does not cost so much?


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