Saturday, February 16, 2008

What clergy discount?

In Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska, we have a department store that clearly outclasses the others. The light comes from lamps and therefore falls more gently, there's live piano music rather than a blasting radio, and their beautiful gift wrapping services are free. I've held a store credit card for years, but have been thinking that one way to simplify my life is to stop carrying credit cards (and thus stop being tempted to shop).

However...a few days ago, I found out that this store offers a 10% discount card to clergy. Nice! Today I went to the customer service desk to apply. "Oh," a woman said, "the store discontinued the clergy discount, unless you already have a card. We still honor those." I said, "So, too bad if you're a relatively new clergy person, then?" "Guess so."

I took the credit card out of my purse. Then I removed a second one. It was easy.


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