Monday, November 28, 2005


Usually I don't go on rants, but here it comes. I am looking for your ideas, even half of an idea and even if you've offered such an idea before.

In case you haven't been in my space, my neighbors (staff, not students) are heavy smokers and our horrible smelling hallway elicits comments from visitors any time someone comes up to the third floor. (Last year, we did talk with our neighbors about the smoky air and each of us got air purifiers. Let it be said, too, that I do like these neighbors.)

Inside, I always run a heavy-duty air purifier. It's better with the purifier, but still I need to burn candles or incense when I'm here. The air purifier blows cold air, not helpful when I have an apartment that's on the end of the heating line. (I need to run my oven when it's really cold.)

Usually I get used to the smokiness of my clothes, towels and bedding -- but when John visits and gets back to Iowa, the contents of his suitcase are smoky. Last night, my toothbrush bristles were smoky! I've had it.

The smoke aggravates my headaches and certainly contributes to my irritability. Seminary is challenging enough without this. I'll move to a different (bigger) space this summer, and do not want to move before that. Until then, how do I stop myself from wanting to my toss my neighbors, myself and all of my books and papers into the lake?


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