Thursday, February 09, 2006

A day with the Methodists

Random thoughts from our "ecumenical event" with Beth Stroud:

1. Beth Stroud is a thoughtful, articulate speaker. I hope that she received hospitality throughout the whole day, not just when she was in public light. I observed a few people in the congregation with hostile body language during her sermon.
2. I'm delighted to call Gary my dean. His contribution to the panel impressed me.
3. The music, well... I'm sooooo glad to be an Anglican.
4. When I served as chalice bearer today, some people dipped their SUBSTANTIAL piece of bread into the grape juice, then also drank the wine from my chalice! Whatever!
5. During the afternoon panel discussion, two of the Methodist seminarians called out "Preach!" anytime they liked what had just been said.
6. Davies and Beth did a whole lot of work.
7. I just don't care for the Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful. It's much lighter than Seabury's chapel, but it feels impersonal to me.
8. It was a good day, but I'll be glad to be back to our usual services tomorrow, especially since Kirsteen is preaching.
9. Why did I number these thoughts??


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