Monday, February 13, 2006

Too Tired to Tell You

If ever there was a time to recall our weekend workshop and performance with the vocal ensemble Western Wind, this is the week. When Western Wind came to Smith College to perform with our vocal ensemble (about ten years ago), we heard them perform their song entitled, "I'm Too Tired to Tell You That I Love You," a parody of a typical country-western ballad.

It's Week Seven in our Winter Term, and across the board, I observe that most of us are at that "too tired to care" point. I'm there without question, and I know that many others are, as well. So I salute the memory of our Western Wind experience and their ballad, which seems awfully relevant to our current life here "on the block."

And to my dearest one, on this Valentine's Day, I really am too tired, but I'll tell you a million times that I love you, because it's really true.


Blogger PlantMan52 said...

I'll tell you a million times that I love you, too, sweets, even though I'm a tired pup as well. Someday this will be over!

3:15 PM  

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