Saturday, June 10, 2006


The party is winding down here in Fayetteville, Arkansas as we celebrate Suzanne's ordination to the priesthood today. The church was packed, the support and love were palpable, and all went well -- even if Bishop Maze did forget his miter.

Everyone in the parish is so welcoming and gracious; they kept begging John and me to stay. Can't, though; tomorrow I fly to Columbus to join thousands of Episcopalians at General Convention. This will be an introvert's mighty challenge, but I'm looking forward to it, and to connecting with Seabury buddies in a new location. Derrick, Laurel and M.E. should be there shortly after I arrive. As I am travelling sans laptop, I shall reconnect with blogging friends following the close of convention. In the meantime, please pray for the Convention proceedings and for those of us engaged in them.

I thank God for a joyful day and for Suzanne, our new priest. (Last seen, though, here at the party, she was wearing a tiara!)


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