Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Must Be Dreaming

Right after celebrating three graduations in our family, I flew off to Philadelphia with two good friends to attend a conference sponsored by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation. If you long to hear ten sermons per day, for a whole week, this is the place for you!

Then, the adventure began: we were stranded in the Philadelphia airport, since all flights to Chicago were cancelled due to weather. So we returned to Chicago a day late, barely leaving time to pack up and head home to Iowa for my meetings with my new colleagues in campus ministry.

After a full day in Iowa City, I came home with:
a key to the kingdom (and to my new office)
a new laptop -- with Bibleworks!
a parking space
nifty business cards
an enthusiastic support staff
and a whole list of ministry associates to contact

I'm going to be really busy! For now, though, I'm off on a self-imposed retreat for these last 3 days prior to our ordination to the priesthood on Saturday. I ask for your prayers.

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