Thursday, June 14, 2007

Make Lemonade

The day before Seabury's commencement, our Presiding Bishop advised seminarians to make lemonade when things get tough. I must need help squeezing lemons, because my lemonade is taking all day. I awakened today sicker than I've been in years: fever, shakes, scary cough (this morning's chest X-ray ruled out pneumonia, but my physician said "You're got bronchitis -- in spades.") And I'm light-headed when I walk around.

So, I can't speak without coughing, can't cough without hurting, and we're expecting at least 15 family members to start showing up tomorrow for Sasturday's ordination...and then I'm preaching on Sunday morning (and John is presiding).

I wanted to really enjoy our ordination, but now I'll be okay with just being there without having to be propped up.

Lemons? Sugar? I must be missing something...maybe a pitcher.

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