Sunday, May 11, 2008


On this Mother's Day, I chose something from childhood to help me remember to pray for the University of Iowa students who, very soon, leave for the summer. I asked the ones who came to church today to trace their hands on a large sheet of white paper, using any color marker they liked. Then they each signed their names inside the handprint. I like seeing the outline of their hands on my desk, the curve of their writing, the colors they used. I'm happy as I think of the playful way they left my office after a round of hugs. It was a good day all around. After two long days at church culminating in a rousing Pentecost celebration with our bishop, I came home to a unexpected, cherished phone call from N in Sarajevo, wishing me a happy day.

And a small child wished John a Happy Father's Day today at his parish. ;)


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