Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy hour with wildlife

We stopped in at a certain chain restaurant tonight in parts east of Iowa, got seated, and a breathless hostess greeted us with, "Would you like to start off with one of our margarita squirrels?"

Swear on a stack of bibles, Plantrev and I both heard those same words. " thanks, how about some water for now?" While she disappeared, we looked at the drink menu. Ah, those were margarita swirls. Funny how two people can hear something absurd so clearly, though. Cheers (clink)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know a former EMT who used to insert the word "meow" when talking to patients to see if they were paying attention (and to ward off boredom). It sounds a lot like other words. EMT: "Are you feeling any pain meow?" Patient: "Did you say meow?" EMT: "You think I speak cat language? Meow long have you had this fever?" You get the idea. (It wasn't me)

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