Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rounder life

Too much sitting is making me crazy -- and rounder. On a typical day last week, I drove for an hour to Iowa City, sat in a staff meeting, sat in the rector's office for our weekly chat, went back to my office to return calls and send messages, worked up a draft of another letter to students, had three staff people drop by and talk, tackled the summer budget, prepared for an afternoon small group meeting, and the morning was over.

Meanwhile, back in Davenport, Rev. Plantman had ridden his bike, walked the dog, painted the back door, painted the front door, cleaned out the garage, gotten some of the basement cleaned up, and the morning was over.

See? He's on the move, while I'm in a chair (various chairs in various rooms, but still...) and no matter where I am, someone comes by and chats. I love that. I wouldn't give it up. But I wonder if I might invite someone for a brisk walk while we meet. That depends. A person in need of privacy won't want a public meeting space. And I find that more times than not, the stated reason for requesting the meeting turns out to be a smaller part of our time together, leading to deeper conversation. Then I sit in the car and drive the hour home. Oh, the hours of sitting!

Maybe I need to be on a Standing Committee. (no, no, no....).


Blogger Rev. Jane Austen said...

Maybe those of us who are so 'seat-bound-round' need to find a safe way to exercise in the car! probably no such thing but nice to dream. I am very frustrated by that same syndrome, and pretty sure that 'disapparating' would burn more calories AND save time.

2:32 PM  

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