Monday, December 01, 2008


Blue is the colour most often used by poets.
Blue is the colour of my parish's rich and glorious Advent vestments.
Blue is the colour of the tiny lights in my office, something fun to remind visitors of the liturgical season.
"Love is Blue" is the first popular song I fell in love with as a teenager.
Blue is the colour of my eyes, my dad's eyes, and my son's eyes.
I love blue.
But...I'm so tired of blue for my blog!
I'd change it in a flash, except that redoing all the links takes so much time.

So...does anyone know of a quick way (or any way) to save the links on a side bar? Every other time that I've re-customized my blog, they all disappear.


Blogger Sarah said...

Easy-peasy. Mostly, copy and paste.

Copy the html code for your current layout from the user dashboard. Save it as a Word document.

Select a new layout and plug the code in.

Go back to the old code. Copy only the code for the parts you want to import into the new code.

Paste the old code into the new code. Fiddle with the tags until everything looks like you want it to. Save a copy of the new code in a Word document in case Blogger goes on the fritz.

7:10 PM  

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