Monday, November 24, 2008

Magic Eight Ball

This fall, I became Provincial Coordinator for Campus Ministry in Province VI, and spent last week in NYC meeting at the Episcopal Church Center with other Provincial Coordinators. The energy and passion for work with young adults convinced me that I made a sound decision in accepting this appointment. I have new colleagues who face similar challenges: needing to fight for funding, finding ways to come together within the province despite geographical distance, working to identify student leaders who can commit to national gatherings when they're already too busy.

We worked long days, not even leaving the conference room for the catered lunches. We planned ways to be noticed at the upcoming General Convention, shared experiences and fundraising ideas, and prayed together daily. We grew tired, and needed a good laugh after our discussion of the realities of the country's economic situation and implications for campus ministry.

To the rescue came someone prominent in the current life of the church (whose permission I wish I had to name, but don't) to greet our group. In her hand rested a Magic Eight Ball, nestled into a statue of Jesus. She explained that the statue was a gift she'd received from the Episcopal Church Women of an eastern diocese.

We all decided we needed to try the Magic Eight Ball. I had one (as many did) while growing up, and while I have no idea what became of it, I know that I loved posing questions and anticipating an answer.

Our question was: "Will our campus ministry programs get enough money this year?"

And Jesus' Magic Eight Ball answered, "I'll ask my Dad."


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