Monday, November 03, 2008


A few years ago in seminary, I stood next to a priest behind the altar as he was most of the way through the Eucharistic Prayer. He paused, leaned into me, and asked, "Where are we?" I remember being amused that he blanked out.

Payback time came yesterday.

All Saints was a rich and long day, with the third morning service beginning at 11 and ending close to 12:45. We baptized six babies (glorious -- especially holding the 2-week-old), received new members, had guest musicians, lit candles for those who had died, and heard a stewardship "moment." We grabbed some lunch, and there was one hour left to be quiet before a second run-through of the All Souls' Service beginning at 5, for which I served as Celebrant.

That remarkable service deserves an entire post -- let's just say that by the time I distributed hosts to the rest of the altar party, I went blank after returning the paten to the table. Luckily, the subdeacon whispered, "Cup." One simple word helped.

Having lost my concentration on this crammed-full day, I laugh at as I remember my judgmental self. Laughing at one's own silliness, or lack of understanding, can be a fine thing. I wish we all could remember that we're human beings, and as such, prone to make mistakes. We may mess up for a moment, but we still glorify God.


Blogger Trees of the Field said...

I have often found that when I judge someone else, my comeuppance is right around the corner.

Be assured that it was only the chancel party who knew what happened. The rest of us couldn't see past the row of candles sitting on the altar.

6:43 PM  

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