Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fr. Horn

Arriving just in time for a meeting yesterday, I took the last empty chair and had almost set my books down when a member of the group eagerly said, "You have a new license plate!  Is that your license plate we saw out back?"  I assured them that I do not have a new license plate.  "Then that must be your husband's!  We wondered if it was yours or if he is visiting us."  Well, he does not have a new license plate.

"But who else's can it be?" someone asked.  "It says Fr. Horn!  It has to be your car."  Hmm.  How many ways can I say no?  Neither of us would choose those words for a vanity plate.  (I might, on the other hand, choose 127 BCP, but that's not likely, either.)

Finally, someone asked, "What does the car look like?"  It was described as a Jeep-like vehicle, with bumper stickers all over.  (That definitely does not describe my car.)  "What sort of bumper stickers?" I asked.  "Musical instruments."  Well...aha!

Our church houses a branch of the university's music department.  The car belongs to a French Horn player, evidently.  Sure glad we cleared that up.


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