Monday, December 05, 2005

And the Winner Is...

On the way home from Ohio, I realized that our weekend was so good that I wouldn't do it any justice by means of the usual post. So instead, I offer the following "awards," mostly compiled while driving on the turnpike:

Most consistently horizontal snowfall on the road:
South Bend, Indiana

Best music while driving:
Gilbert & Sullivan, "The Mikado"

Most boring scenery:
Gary, Indiana

Best place to steal a kiss:
Starbuck's, Commodore Perry rest area, Ohio Turnpike

Best concert of the weekend:
Saturday night's Oberlin Collegium Musicum performance of Gombert's Missa "Quam Pulchra Es"

Best single piece performed on a concert program:
Mendelssohn's Sonata No. 4 in B-flat major; Sarah Allen, organ

Most wonderful discovery while meeting the "other" parents:
Sarah's dad is the son of missionary parents and grew up in India

Most fun conversation topic with Sarah's mom:
Preaching!! She uses a manuscript because many in her congregation ask for a copy

Best part of the B&B in Oberlin:
It's a tie: 1) the glorious blanket of snow on the trees and wooded areas on Sunday morning, and 2) the jacuzzi in our room

Best food between concerts:
Pot stickers and wonton soup at the Chinese bistro

Best item from the "Security Notes" section of the student newspaper:
Two students were found playing the piano on Thanksgiving Day. They were sternly informed that the conservatory was closed. Said students claimed they had permission from their professors. Professors were duly informed of holiday hours.


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