Thursday, February 16, 2006

Modern dentistry

Yesterday I had to miss a class because of the most ferocious migraine I've had in some time (still in progress). After several hours of lying flat and keeping still, I turned on the TV in an attempt to distract myself from the blasting pain. I can't describe the shows that flashed on the screen, as I didn't pay attention to them. However, one ad caught my attention.

Did you know that, if you're shopping at the mall and realize that it's time to get a dental exam, you can stop in at Sears? It seems that they even accept walk-ins. Clean teeth, anyone?


Blogger Migraines Gone said...

Hey Raisin,
Do you get migraines alot? If so I am looking for someone to let me practice my migraine method on locally. I was taught this when I was a kid by my grandma and it does work. With it I can get rid of most migrains in about 2 minutes. But I am out of practice and would like to practice it on some one who has migraines to see if I can still do it. It just takes two minutes, touching the top of your head very lightly, less than the weight of a dime, and the pain is gone. If you are interested give me an email at This is not a joke, nor a solicitation for money, the only way I can tell if this works is to find someone who has migraines and practice it. Thanks for you time.

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