Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Does Furniture Have a Brain?

All the furniture we brought to Evanston is on its way home with John and Noah in a U-Haul truck, and I missed the whole move on that end. Right after ordination, preaching the next morning, and sending our friends and family home, I got so sick during the night that I could not go along for our "closure" experience on the block. But I wonder, as the chairs and tables and beds and bookshelves arrive home: are they smarter now? Did they soak up wisdom from the 45 or so courses I took over the past 3 years? What might they say if they could speak?

While home in the quiet today, I had the opportunity to watch the DVD slideshow from Saturday's ordination. So that's what it all looked like -- how festive and fun, and people had such huge smiles! Like a wedding, if you're the ones in it, you're up front and don't get to see much of what's happening. The photographer hired for this event did a marvelous job capturing peoples' emotions, both joyful and overwhelmed! And bubbles were dancing in the aisle during the recessional hymn! Now I know which groups spent time together over dinner, since we missed most of the reception. We were up in a receiving line, blessing people for a long time. After my new rector received his blessing, our eyes met. A few tears ran down his cheeks. The spirit is powerful with him. The day was amazing, and we had the best lectors ever -- all that liturgical experience really does count! Thanks, L and C!

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