Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's the big deal?

That's what my mom says about her 80th birthday tomorrow. It's a big deal because, given her major health issues over the past 20 years, she's still here, which may surprise her. Her numerous mini-strokes have caused her to forget the things she's supposed to worry about, and she's lost her hard, even scary, judgmental edge.

Over the years, I've lamented that I didn't have a mom that finished high school or attended college, doesn't read books, can't type or use a keyboard, is afraid to travel further than a few miles, can't carry on a conversation easily, and is too fearful to be left alone in the house. I admit that I've said, "I wish...I wish..." about my parents, and laughed when people said about me, "Where did you come from?" after meeting them.

But I'm lucky to still have them -- that's the big deal. I have a mom who supported me when I wanted to learn languages and musical instruments, eat weird food, wear long skirts, marry a Lutheran, go back to graduate school, study for the priesthood at age 50. For that confidence in me (no matter that they never understood a thing about those interests), I'm grateful. So when we pack up tomorrow with a cake, candles, and presents, I hope that the day turns into a Big Deal. This lady deserves a party.


Blogger Heidi said...

Awesome post, Raisin. Have a wonderful birthday party with your mom!

5:07 PM  
Blogger The Archer of the Forest said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum! That is a blessing indeed. My mother had lost both her parents by the time she was 39 and I know that is something she always regretted.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Rev. Jane Austen said...

Oh Raisin, we daughters have such struggles with our Moms! But we do appreciate them. I lost mine 6 years ago this Spring and have missed her especially these last two years. Absolutely-- celebrate!!

7:59 PM  

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