Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kitchen Duty

Our church kitchen is large, and divided by a wall into two rooms. It's well-organized, as all cupboards and drawers have labels. There's a mighty dishwasher and plenty of counter space. I spent half the morning washing and putting away dishes, silverware, pots, glassware, mugs, plastic containers, jugs, long scary knives; scrubbing counters and unearthing piles of miscellaneous stuff from a fund-raising event last April, then more stuff from the rest of the summer.

I actually liked the work. My brain was on overload, so the physical work of making a large space orderly was welcome, and on Sunday afternoon I will very much appreciate having a clean space in which to prepare our first student dinner of the semester. What I do not understand is why EVERY church kitchen I've used has these same issues. A few people clean up after themselves "religiously," some help every once in a while, but most decide that the clean-up is someone else's job.

Does anyone have a good solution to keeping the church kitchen clean?


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