Thursday, February 05, 2009

The priest goes to the gym

It's my day off, so I went to the fitness center before driving home to Davenport. At the front desk, I had trouble scanning my membership card, which normally sets off a "BEEP!" right away. I tried moving the pass up and down and sideways so that it would scan.

Apparently, the guy at the desk watched this, and couldn't figure out the problem. Then, I moved my pass again and we heard a "BEEP!" The guy slapped his knee and broke out in a huge grin, "Hey, now that was pretty cool," he said, "I like that sign of the cross you made and then it finally worked!"

I swear I did no such thing. I just moved the card up and down and then sideways. But he saw what he saw. "No really," he said, "I saw that Hail Mary thing. I'm cool with that, that's great, I mean I'm a believer and all." "Me too," I said, and my workout had an extra kick in it today.