Sunday, July 05, 2009

Packing power!

While I pack for Anaheim and Napa, Noah is home to sort through and pack up his childhood room. His best friend, his significant other, and his best friend's significant other all are power-packing. The women are folding the clothing and the guys are working on the piles...and piles... of books, papers, musical scores, CDs, church bulletins, and other closet treasures. (But right now I hear them all laughing hysterically. Hmm.)

It's a fine thing to have dear friends when embarking on a task with this much nostalgia involved. As for my packing, I'm mostly avoiding it, since I don't cherish the whole airport scene for much of tomorrow.

And lucky J gets to stay home, getting the house readied yet another time for our realtor to show. Our closing on the house we just bought is at the end of this month, 4 days after J begins as rector in Burlington.

Then my rector leaves for the month of August, and I'll be on call for any and all pastoral needs at the time our actual move begins. We have a lot going on right now.