Monday, August 10, 2009

Honey Raisin Nut

We move this week to our new home in Mt. Pleasant. While packing, I rediscovered something a friend had found: a sign from a bagel shop that resembles a name plate. It reads, "Honey Raisin Nut." My friend decided I should have it on my desk.

Yesterday while distributing communion bread, a parishioner who normally takes bread and responds, "Amen, Raisin" said instead, "Amen, Honey." Then he looked truly horrified. (So was I!)

He explained, "I would never say that to you, but I was just thinking about a bagel I like that's honey raisin, and it just slipped out."

And now, back to packing books. (How can we have 4 huge boxes of cookbooks??)